Pokeball Dab Container

Check it out here: Poke Ball Dab Container

Daily 420 Posts

Today's top picks.  


http://www.LiveStoner.com Is one of the best websites a stoner could use. Basically what they do is gather all the coolest and newest smoking accessories from smoke shops all over the world and put them on 1 site. So they are in turn helping out the canna community by help selling other smoke shops goods. They are... Continue Reading →

Funny & Cool Stoner Names/Handles

MaryBuntsNotCunts Mr Steel Lung Dankamellow Kremekoosh KidKush Bluntee JR Weed Breath OGDoob Potwick Smokefein GanjTickleMonter FreemanPuffton MasterPuff HuffGooberDoober SirPuffAlot MaryHuff BittermanPuffSicle iDoob StankNuggets UnclePuffer 4twenytwentwen TheDoobieMan KusHsuK DrStoned MsHuff MeanGreenMcPuff

Bad Ass Bongs

This is stoner art at its finest. Some of these bongs are so beautiful, you might not even want to smoke out of it.. Psh.. Yeah right.  

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